Things to Do While Travelling

Travelling can get pretty busy pretty quick, and sometimes through all the hustle and bustle, we forget to do some of the most important things. But don’t worry, I GOT YOU! Here are some of the things that everyone needs to do while travelling.


1. Take Videos

You can’t put a price on memories. Re-watching your video footage allows your brain to build links between your trip and memories. Trust me, you won’t want to go back to your 500 picture trip, instead, you’ll be showing off all those awesome videos.

If you ever watch wedding videos, lots (I MEAN 99%) of couples state that they watch their videos over and over and don’t even glance at their pictures.

So, go ahead, and grab some popcorn and get comfy. When you look back at the your videos a couple of years from now, you’ll be reminiscing the good times, the laughs and the stories.



2. Try Something New

This goes without saying, but sometimes we can get so caught up in our comfort zone that we’re scared to try something totally new. You’re travelling and like most people, you may not visit that place ever again, or you may go back and visit the same place in a couple years from now. Nevertheless, every city, town and country has something you’ve never tried or done before.

When I was 10, I went on a cruise with my family and landed in Jamaica. There were loads of people!! A lady asked my mom if she could cornrow my sister and I’s hair. My mom agreed, payed her and she did it. MAN DID THAT HURT!!!! But hey, now I can say I tried something new in Jamaica. Do I remember the details of the day? No. Do I remember the food I ate? No. Do I remember my ootd? No. But I do remember bits of Jamaica, just because of that new experience.


3. Make Friends

You’ve got so many great qualities! Go out there and make new friends. Yes, it’s scary making friends with a complete stranger! Yes, you need to be safe 24/7! Making friends in a new place could make your trip 100% more exciting. Locals know it all! Where to go, where to eat, what to see and the list goes on.

Strangers don’t know your past, your regrets, your personal life, your current situation…it’s like starting over again. No reputation or anything to hold against you, use it to your advantage. Plus who knows maybe you’ll meet that special someone on the way 😉 



4. Face Your Fears

Everyone has something they’re afraid of deep down inside. When you’re travelling to a completely new place, you can take advantage of it! Conquer your fears! 

Last year I went to Mauritius (tiny Island off of Madagascar), and my dad brought me into this bird cage at the zoo. ps. I DO NOT LIKE BIRDS AT ALL!! I was freaking out, heart beating fast trying to dodge every bird that was coming my way. After freaking out, I realized how beautiful the bird were. They were gorgeous…but that didn’t make me less scared of them to be honest. It definitely gave me something to talk about when I came back home. If you wanna see me freak out, I’ve got a VLOG of the day, which you can watch below 🙂


5. Learn the language

It amazes me, that there are some many languages in the world, yet, we all find a way to communicate to each other one way or another. If I could have any super power it would be to understand and speak any/every language in the world.

Languages are beautiful! Learn a new word or two, not to just impress your friends back home, but to also get around. Language barriers can be a huge con while travelling. Simple sentences can save you a world of trouble and time, such as “washroom” “left/right” “yes/no” “thank you” and so on…


6. Eat Where The Locals Eat

This goes without saying, but, one of the obvious ways of saving while travelling is dodging those touristy restaurants. Unless you’re ballin’ I’d recommend eating where the locals eat. You’ll be surprised by how good the food is!

You’ll also be able to experience the culture in a much more intimate manner. But as always, be careful while you’re off exploring. If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s better to spend $30 extra then have a terrible experience that’ll ruin the rest of your trip.


7. Love Yourself

When I started working, and got a steady income I hardly spent anything the first month. WHY?? Because I was used to not having an income. I was used to living at home, being super cheap and feeling guilty spending my parent’s money. However, I later realized that I shouldn’t feel guilty for spending my own money, I should be rewarding myself once in a while. So every time I saw a cute shirt, or wanted to attend a Tori Kelly concert (WHICH I DID AND IT WAS AWEOME!), I thought to myself “How much do I love myself?”

The same goes for travelling, it doesn’t mean that you should spend OVER your estimated budget, but spending some extra money here and there is good for the soul! You deserve to have a good time. Pay for that massage, pay for the “Someone who loves me very much went to Canada and got me this shirt” t-shirts, pay for that drink… Reward yourself for all your hard work! You got here, you made it! You never want to look back and wish you tried it or bought it.


8. Enjoy it!

Don’t worry about the little fights. Trust me, I know! You’re out travelling with your family and someone does something that annoys you, rather than talking it out, you burst and it turns into WW3.

Remember this is a vacation, a time for you to bond, know each other more, make fun memories and realize how beautiful life is! The little things shouldn’t matter anymore, there’s so much more to look forward to. Keep the drama to a minimum.



9. Rest

We’ve all done it, gotten caught up in something exciting and forget one of the basic essentials of living, sleep. As exciting as it is to go out every night and wake up to watch the sunset, it’s unrealistic. Know your limits and stick to them. Yes, FOMO is real! However, if you’re cranky the next day or too tired to explore, what’s the point? You travelled all the way there to travel to stay in your hotel room for most of the day. Going out the night before seems pointless the next day. Know when you’ve had enough and listen to your body.

My School Morning Routine! ♡

10. Be Open Minded

All cultures have their own quirks and unique ways of doing things. Don’t make fun of a culture just because it’s different from yours. Nothing annoys me more than someone making a barf face when someone wants to try a delicacy. Sure, eating scorpions may be VERY GROSS, but you’re in another world. If every culture was the same, travelling would get boring real quick.


That concludes this post! I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two! Maybe it reminded you of why you love travelling! If you have any questions or have any more tips, feel free and leave a comment below!! 

Stay Classy,



All pictures, unless otherwise stated, are featured on my WeHeartIt or Instagram Account. 





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