DIY FALL TREATS + SNACKS ♡ Autumn Party | Pumpkin Spice Edition


Super easy fall treats that you can make at home DIY style! They’re perfect for Halloween parties, movie nights, fall days or just any other excuse you can put out there because they’re seriously so yummy!!

Enjoy these DIY fall snacks!! Let me know which of these DIY fall treats and drink was your favorite! 🙂 Hopefully this helps you make some DIY fall Starbucks drinks at home for cheap!

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DIY School Supplies + Organization! Snapchat Notebook, Pencil, Binder! Back to School 2016-2017!


Welcome to my back to school series! Hope you loved the video and if you have a chance, feel free to try out the Back to School DIYs in the video. Back to school season 2016-2017 has started!

The DIYs are SUPER easy and cute to re-create.

I’m going to show you how I made this snapchat inspired notebook, turned a plain binder clip into a super adorable clip and how to customize your pens for the new school year!

If you have any back to school video requests, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

💜 Amy


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